As of 2013, there are definitely only 2 United States vocational schools certified by the CAAHEP (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs ) that offer ultrasound technician masters degrees. in Florida These are definitely the School of Health Professions the medical College of Health Care Scienceand at the University of Missouri at Nova Southeastern University. Nova Southeastern has the option to bring some courses online, but you are also envisioned become as well on campus.
Tuition for an ultrasound tech costs per year about $20,000, for materials not including costs and assorted fees, supplies, and board and room. the University of Missouri and Both Nova Southeastern have actually campus financial aid available, for government financial aidand you might also look .

Ultrasound tech masters degree programs are made up of upper level academic work of sonography such as cardiovascular and vascular in the more complex areas, courses and clinical work such as statistics, composition, sociology and communication. You will be expected to carry out independent research and compose papers worthy of submission to academic journals.

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